About Us

History of the Foundation

The foundation, named the “Kumba Hawa Babonjo Gborie Foundation,” is born out of a tragic and heartbreaking story that took place in Kono district, Sierra Leone, during the 20th century.

Kumba Hawa Babonjo Gborie, fondly known as Munkumba, was born in Tombodo Town in 1923. She came from a rich heritage, with her father belonging to the Tombodu kamaa lineage and her mother hailing from Fiama Bardu Gbense kandor in Gbense Chiefdom. The Babonjo Tumoe Family, part of the Great Gbense Clan, were the original owners of Kamaa Chiefdom.

In her life, Kumba Hawa married Pa Tamba Gborie Sumana, a war veteran who served in World War II under the service name Gborie Yardu. Together, they brought thirteen children into the world, but tragedy struck, and they lost seven of them, leaving behind six survivors.

The most heart-wrenching event occurred in December 1965 when Kumba Hawa passed away during childbirth. Due to the lack of medical attention, her labor lasted for over a week. The medical doctor who was supposed to attend to her had traveled to Freetown, which was hundreds of miles away from Koidu Town-Kono. The prolonged labor and her inability to deliver the child naturally led to her being labeled a witch by some people. Despite efforts to move her to the Sierra Leone Selected Trust Ltd (SLST) Hospital, it was too late, and she passed away in the SLST hospital theater in Yengema.

Traditionally, she should have been buried deep in the bushes, but her clan’s influence allowed her to be buried on the outskirts of the town. This tragedy impacted her first son, who was studying medicine in Sofia, Bulgaria. The town performed native rituals before laying her to rest alongside her child, disregarding her Christian faith.

Being situated in a diamond mining Chiefdom, Kamaa Chiefdom, including Kumba Hawa’s grave, fell victim to grave vandalism in search of precious stones.

The heart-wrenching loss of Kumba Hawa and the plight of women facing similar circumstances during childbirth served as the driving force behind the establishment of the Kumba Hawa Babonjo Gborie  Foundation. Founded by her daughter, Kumba Sundu Emma Gborie, the foundation is dedicated to honoring the memory of all women who lost their lives during childbirth.

The foundation’s mission is to collaborate with both local and international organizations to raise awareness and provide essential support to women, children, and lactating mothers, ensuring they do not become victims of similar tragedies. The foundation seeks to address the issues of inadequate healthcare facilities and medical attention faced by many women in the region, with the ultimate goal of preventing such heartbreaking losses in the future.

Through its initiatives, the Kumba Hawa Babonjo Gborie Foundation strives to make a positive impact on the lives of women and children in the Kono district and beyond, advocating for improved maternal healthcare and support systems to create a safer environment for childbirth. By partnering with various organizations, the foundation aims to bring about lasting change and make a meaningful contribution to the well-being of women and families in Sierra Leone.


The Kumba Hawa Babonjo Gborie Foundation is dedicated to honoring the memory of all women who have tragically lost their lives during childbirth. Our mission is to advocate for improved maternal healthcare and support systems, partnering with local and international organizations to raise awareness and provide essential assistance to women, children, and lactating mothers. We strive to create a safer environment for childbirth, ensuring that no woman faces the same circumstances as our beloved Kumba Hawa. Together, we work towards building a healthier and more compassionate community, where every mother and child receives the care and support they deserve.



We approach our mission with empathy and understanding, recognizing the importance of compassion in supporting women, children, and families facing challenging circumstances.


We value the dignity and worth of every individual, treating all with respect and fairness, irrespective of their background or beliefs.


We believe in empowering women and communities by providing access to education, healthcare, and resources, enabling them to make informed choices for their well-being.


We foster strong partnerships with local and international organizations, working together to create a collective impact and improve maternal healthcare globally.


We uphold the highest standards of honesty, transparency, and accountability in all our endeavors, ensuring that our actions align with our mission and values.


We are passionate advocates for the rights and well-being of women and children, using our platform to raise awareness about the importance of maternal healthcare.


We strive for long-term solutions and initiatives that promote sustainable development, leaving a lasting and positive impact on the communities we serve.


We embrace diversity and inclusivity, recognizing the strength that comes from bringing together people from various backgrounds and perspectives.


We remain resilient and dedicated to our mission, persevering through challenges to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.


We honor the legacy of Kumba Hawa Babonjo Gborie and all the women who have lost their lives during childbirth, committing ourselves to create a brighter and safer future for generations to come.